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Feb 22, 2024 - May 4, 2024

Fruit of the Spirit - Ages 4-18 [Mar + Apr 2024]

  • 73Days
  • 32Steps


Embark on a vibrant journey with our "Fruits of the Spirit" course specially crafted for young hearts! We will dive into the wisdom of Galatians, discovering the secrets behind love, joy, peace, and more. We'll grow these fruits of the Spirit automatically together through engaging Bible-centered activities, real-life examples, and exciting biblical exploration. By the end, you'll not only grasp God's unique design for each fruit but also be inspired to share these beautiful qualities in your own world. Get ready to cultivate the goodness within! 🌱📖

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Fruit of the Spirit 2024 - Ages 4-18

Fruit of the Spirit 2024 - Ages 4-18

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