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About Us

God ignited Root Bible within Kate Richter as she was driving down the road, seeking answers for how He wanted His people to equip the generations and for a way that families could grow spiritually together, not separately.


Just a few years later, God has worked through Kate and her husband, Josh, to build Root Bible to offer multiple classes for every age group taught by Root Coaches from all across the United States, reaching families around the world every week! Yet Josh and Kate are just as approachable as when it began!

Josh and Kate Richter
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Curious about their background?
Here it is:

  • Josh and Kate led Children’s Ministries together from 2005 to 2019 and are passionate about leading kids into encounters with their creator, God.

  • In 2009, they were led to launch a company equipped & empowered supernatural kids’ ministries, led by the Holy Spirit, through the leader He has positioned. This company has morphed into Root KidMin, which offers an editable curriculum, ministry structure and set of procedures that easily orchestrates peaceful atmospheres for the leaders & kids by allowing for what is so desperately needed, truth and power.

  • Then, in 2019, Josh and Kate knew God said to take this into homes and they founded Root Bible Academy in April. The main focus is to train people at every age to find their identity in Christ. Families continue to pour in testimonies of how they have been growing together spiritually through developing a common spiritual language and feeling equipped through all the resources!

  • Josh and Kate continue to head up Root Bible, while also speaking and training adults, finishing their first book and focusing on the most important things God has ever brought into their lives: each other and their three beautiful kids.

Image by Drew Beamer

So, why Root Bible?

Christian parents are noticing that their kids’ lives are far too similar to those of non-Christians. Root Bible Academy offers both live, online classes that cultivate spiritual maturity in kids ages 4-15 and tools that help families move in the power Spirit & be who God created them to be.


Most Christian parents want to unlock REAL spiritual growth in themselves and their families, but are not sure how. Root Bible offers both online classes to cultivate spiritual maturity for every age group AND tools that equip parents and leaders to spiritually lead their families, groups and organizations to be rooted in the Word and ignited by the Spirit.


You and your kids can know the voice of God. Your family can be excited to talk about Jesus at the table. You all can look forward to a bedtime routine that includes praying or prophesying over each other and the next day Your eyes will be focused to see everything and everyone through God’s perspectives and be trained to look for opportunities to share His truth & Power with others because it is FIRST REAL TO THEM!


There has NEVER been a better day than today to GROW your ROOTS deep in His love and truth as a family than today!

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