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Josh & Kate at Foundation Church

Josh and Kate ROOT the generations in their God-given identities!

2024 Speaking Engagements



Josh and Kate are headed to Fergus Falls, MN to see the generations be rooted in their identity in Christ as Christians! It will be a powerful time at the Bigwood Event Center, and lives will be changed for all eternity! More details coming soon.

more info coming soon


more info coming soon


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"You are brand new as soon as you are saved. So, who did God make you to be?"

Discovering the Root of your Life

Christians cannot be about God's business if they are unsure of who He has created them to be first. If the doing comes before being, then that person's identity is found in the ever increasing busy-ness of doing, not the security of being in Christ.

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Root Bible


1 Day Option

In a one-day event, Pastors Josh and Kate will tackle many sources of wrong identities to help people take on the right thinking of who Christ is in and through them!


3 Day Option

With three evening classes, Pastors Josh and Kate will be able to dive so much deeper into who we are in Christ, how God defines our roles and how to step into His freedom in everything!


7 Day Option

This carries the biggest life change! In seven services, Pastors Josh and Kate will walk your team, group or congregation to step into full freedom in who they are in Christ, affecting their thoughts, their speech and everything they do!

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These are two great ways to listen to what and how they teach!

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The Root Bible Podcast

This weekly podcast challenges the listener to grow spiritually between Sundays to make the impact God designed them to make. 

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Seven Minute Seed

Multiple times a week, Pastor Kate inspires moms in seven minutes from the Word of God that will help bring LIFE to our families today!

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"Thank you so much for an incredible session!"

Ashley Speck

"If you don't 'Renew your Thinking' in The Word of God, you will look for ways to "think new" apart from it!" - Kate Richter

We are Josh & Kate Richter