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The Root


There is an immaturity that Christians don’t even know that they are kept in bondage by. A life God has for them in His finished work that simply needs to be worked out!


But how?

Salvation means their past was wiped away, so why does their life look the same as before?


God wants to be ALIVE through them so that God’s specific plan for their lives can be made known, they don’t have to go through life guessing how to fulfill God’s plan and never experience the peace and fulfillment that comes with knowing you are living in His best plans now.


God has shown us how to lead others to discover these answers through the Word, identify the wrong understanding that they have let guide their lives for too long, and equip all of His kids to step into the fullness of God’s plan for their every day. 


And it all begins with the Root.

Outdoor Reading

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  • Get the Root book shipped to you when it is  released!

  • Access to the Root Reboot online course in October for you + another!

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  • Access to the Root Reboot online course in October for you + another!

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    Root t-shirt and hat!

New Life Thinking must come first

Come to a more exact understanding of who God has made you to be, discover areas of your life that you are finding identity apart from Him, and discover how simple and enriching life can be when you see yourself clearly, then let everything else flow from your true Source. 

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