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  • Weekly, live, and interactive homeschool chapels for every age group!

  • The recording of the live chapel service is uploaded each week, so your family can do their weekly chapel whenever works best for your schedule!

  • Join as a family

  • Join as a co-op!

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Launch your kids on a journey of faith and spiritual growth with Root Homeschool Chapel, specially crafted to infuse your child's weekly learning to be rooted in the Word and ignited by the Spirit. 📖


✨ Every week, join us for a soul prospering and spiritually-nourishing live class that brings spiritual maturity to your homeschool routine.


Picture this: A cozy midweek break where you and your children gather to delve into the timeless wisdom found in the Bible. 🏡💖 In under an hour, we'll explore a theme from the Bible together, fostering a deeper connection to faith and family. Our mission? To share the profound Truths of God wrapped in the love that only a mother's heart can understand. 🤗💕


Imagine the impact—transformative moments that resonate through your child's life, shaping character and values to reflect the glory of God. 🌟🙏


Join our vibrant community, where the joy of learning and the power of faith intertwine. Let's create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime, making your homeschooling journey not just educational, but truly divine. 🌈📚


See you and your little ones there—let's build a foundation of faith together! 🏡🌸


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