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Online and in-person speakers, coaches, and mentors


For over 15 years we have been honored to coach, counsel & consult children's & family ministry leaders to bridge the gap between where they are and where God is leading them to be.

We believe the ROOT OF REVIVAL lies in the hands of children's ministers & parents as they are the leaders on the front lines. These leaders of homes and ministries MUST be built up, equipped and prepared for this calling. We cannot mislead a generation by not leading them at all.

Josh and Kate Richter

Personal and Team Coaching Options

  • SEEDed

    Every year
    Individual Coaching
  • ROOTed

    Every year
    Individual Coaching
  • FRUITed

    Every year
    Team Coaching

Coaching Video calls are primarily done online and will be scheduled in advance.

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We love the vision God has given you and the format you share with us.


What we do: We help you discover who God has called you to be, the lies that you are believing that hold you back, and create an individualized plan for you to step into the freedom God has for you. - Josh Richter

The First Meeting: DISCOVERY

We don't take everyone through the same process and hope that some part of it helps. We know that we cannot help you become who God has created you to be if we don't get to know your calling, your passions, your goals; the real you!

Through great questions and conversation, we (you + us) will hone in on a few areas that coaching is going to help you grow dramatically, increasing your influence for the Kingdom of God and finding new levels of fulfillment in your pursuit of Him. such as:

- Ministry Vision and Identity

- Procedures

- Follow Through

- Volunteer Health

- Welcome / Introduction

- Setting great ministry goals

- Helping your team connect with God better

- Helping your team connect with each other better

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Following Weeks: Steps to LASTING change

Just knowing where we want to be doesn't always teleport us to that point. We will create an individualized step-by-step plan to develop you in the ways you need to grow in order to get where you want to go.

Will we place expectations on you, with things to work on each week? Yes.

Could it be uncomfortable at times? Yes.

The best sports coaches Josh had growing up stretched and strengthened him to do things he never could by placing requirements on him that he had never had. And little by little, he became better.

It will be the same way with you - so how committed are you to grow? Do you want to conquer what is standing in the way of you walking out His plan in this area?

I encourage you - right now take take the step. Jump into coaching. And see what God can do. With a couple advisors partnering with you from "outside of the bubble" you are going to be able to break through that invisible barrier!

Set up a DISCOVERY chat

Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success. - Proverbs 15:22

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