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Oct 21, 2023 - Dec 30, 2023

Kids - Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Nov + Dec 2023

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Did you know the Bible doesn't say anything about the GIFTS of the Spirit? In this eight-week course, we will dive into the Holy Spirit's power, abilities, and how to flow with Him every day of your life! There are weekly classes for every age! True discipleship is consistent, interactive, and LIVING; another voice speaking the Word of God into you or your family! At ROOT that is our mission. Real discipleship happens between Sundays in your home! A new Bible study for each age group will be uploaded each week, or you can join the live recording at the times below! Class notes, worksheets, and grow tools are also accessible throughout the course! Make growing DEEPER in CHRIST NORMAL for those in your home with this powerful, transformative course! SCHEDULE: Mondays: - Junior High1 w/ Kate: 10:30a EST / 7:30a PST / 2:30p GMT - Elementary1 w/ Kate: 12p EST / 9a PST / 4p GMT - Senior High w/ Deborah: 1:30p EST / 10:30a PST / 5:30p GMT - Junior High2 w/ Josh: 6:00p EST / 3:00p PST / 10:00p GMT / 9:00a AEST+1 - Elementary2 w/ Josh 8:30p EST / 5:30p PST / 11:30a AEST+1 Tuesdays: - Preschool w/ Ava: 10:30a EST / 7:30a PST / 2:30p GMT Wednesdays: - Spanish Family w/ Deborah: 10:00a EST / 7:00a PST / 3:00p GMT Plus, adults, there is a new separate course, just for you! Register for free here:

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Gifts and Power of the Spirit - Ages 4-18

Gifts and Power of the Spirit - Ages 4-18

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